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Available Now: Female Mentorship Opportunity for Fall 2020

Belicia T. Tan
5 min readSep 1, 2020

**Applications can be accessed HERE. Deadline to apply is Tuesday, September 8th @11:59pmEST.**

Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis for the 5-week Training program and Ongoing General Mentorship program

Update: Spots for the Fall 2020 5-week program are FILLED. Please consider submitting an application if you are interested in a spot in the 5-week program with the second Fall 2020 cohort, aiming to start in late October or are interested in the Ongoing General Mentorship Program.

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Girls Who Consult Founding Story

I was rejected from Consulting more times than I could keep track of. Hundreds and hundreds. The process was beyond frustrating. I had no clue what I was doing. It eventually took nearly half a decade to break into the career. As I traversed through all those years of endless disappointment, one thing that I never forgot was how much I wished I had a career mentor who I could be inspired by and could seek comfort and advice from.

As a student who came from a non-target major, had no network AND was aspiring to break into a field where I was a minority in both my gender and race, I felt intimidated and lost. At my first consulting internship, I sat through team meetings composed of over 80% male and less than 30% POC. I felt so out of place as an Asian-American female. However, I’ll never forget how inspired I was by several female mentors that Summer who managed to create an inclusive, approachable environment for me and endlessly motivated me in my professional and personal growth.

Although I might not be able to fully solve workplace inequalities, I know I can take forward the investment I have gained and invest in those who aspire to break into Consulting themselves. The transferrable skillset of the career allows it to be an avenue into many other careers and the exposure the career provides to a multitude of projects is an entryway into building upon industry expertise.

Taking all this in, the vision of Girls Who Consult is to…

“Empower the next generation of females as mission-driven Consultants and Business Leaders…”

If you identify as female and have even the mildest interest in Consulting or Business, you are a perfect candidate to apply to the Mentorship Program with Girls Who Consult. Even if the word Consulting is new to you, that’s okay, come right on in with us!

Girls Who Consult Mentorship Program

The Girls Who Consult Mentorship program is intended to guide you towards exploring various avenues within Consulting and aims to provide you with an opportunity to build a personal mission that integrates all your passions and skill sets into tangible goals.

The program will offer two tracks:

  • 5-week Mentorship Training Program
  • Ongoing General Mentorship Program

The General Mentorship Program is catered towards females who have a general sense of Consulting as a career and have prior experience with networking and professional branding OR females who are unable to commit this semester to the time that the 5-week program requires. Offerings of the program include a 30-min mentorship or casing session, unlimited access to Girls Who Consult Playbooks (released later this year) AND exclusive access to the Girls Who Consult slack community PLUS early access to the next cohort cycle for the 5-week program (if interest indicated).

The 5-week Mentorship Training Program is catered towards females who are getting started on exploring the Consulting career and looking to build a personal mission and professional skill set. For this program, a select pool of applicants will be chosen as “Consultees” to join the Fall 2020 Cohort, which will run from September 14th through October 16th (may be subject to change) and require approximately 2–2.5 hours of commitment per week. Throughout the 5 weeks, Consultees will receive access to ALL offerings for the General Mentorship Program, PLUS access to FIVE weekly workshops, THREE 1:1 mentorship sessions with an experienced Consultant (a “Consultor”) PLUS unlimited resume and cover letter reviews, introductions to a diverse network of experienced Consultants, mini practicums, cohort community-building events and MORE.

An overview of the program is provided below:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Consulting as a Career
  • Week 2: Writing a Consulting Resume & Cover Letter
  • Week 3: Cold Messaging and Informational Interviews
  • Week 4: Preparing for Recruiting Events and Career Fairs
  • Week 5: Case Studies and Behavioral Interviews

Upon graduating from the 5-week program, you can add to your resume that you are a “Scholar” of Girls Who Consult Program AND you will automatically have the opportunity to become a “Consultor” who will empower the next cohorts of females aspiring to be future Consultants and Business leaders, AND gain lifetime access to Girls Who Consult’s resources and alumni network.

There will be a limited number of spots offered for the 5-week Training program as we want to ensure that Girls Who Consult’s investment in you is intentional, thorough and of excellence. However, we believe that no one should be denied access to resources that could benefit their career growth due to logistical limitations. Thus, if you are placed on the waitlist, but are interested in the 5-week Training Program, you will be guaranteed access to ALL the offerings of the General Mentorship Program AND will be automatically accepted into the next cohort of “Consultees.”

Apply Now

Applications are available now and can be accessed HERE. Deadline to apply is Tuesday, September 8th @11:59pmEST.

I look forward to not just being a connection to you, but a friend, supporter and mentor who stands by your aspirations and dreams! If you have any questions, feel free to email

P.S. I am offering this opportunity to a select pool of communities, including Remote Students! If you have a friend who might be interested, I encourage you to invite them to your community!

P.S.S. If you are an experienced consultant who identifies as female and would be interested in helping out in any way (can be non-mentor roles), please apply HERE or feel free to shoot an email over to

Thank you to those who have reached out for coffee chats and resume reviews this Summer. After conducting 80+ chats and reviewing 30+ resumes, I continue to be blown away by your desire to seek out opportunities to learn more, grow and encourage those around you. Without your proactiveness, I may not have realized my passion and calling to empower others towards breaking into their dream business career. Most of all, thank you for your patience and grace towards me as this was my first time trying this all out!

**Disclaimer: Girls Who Consult is a re-branded version of the “Consulting Coffee Chats,” initiative. We are not affiliated with any other organizations and are not an official 501(c)(3). The program continues to be a pro-bono initiative that acts as a subsidiary of the “Business as Missions” Venture portfolio.



Belicia T. Tan

Business as Missions // Founder @girlswhoconsult // Founding team